This new product is made of food grade plastic, with a 14″ round top.  It is 2″ high and runs on 2-AA batteries.  We also have the base assembly configured with a power adapter to run on 110V AC power if you wanted to have a window display.

The battery unit sells for $29.99 plus tax and shipping.

The battery and 110V AC unit sells for $39.99 plus tax and shipping.

There is one spinning receptacle and 3 stainless steel crankshafts which allow you to animate a wide range of ideas.

This unit was designed and built to provide many hours of fun for all occasions and you can use it over and over for many years to come.

The concept of our product came about as a means of giving toys to the kids which would be animated on their special cake.  Afterwards, the cake’s base would be returned to the kitchen or the bakery.

We should note that the kids will end up gazing at their cake for a long time before cutting into it!

This is an added value item for bakeries.  Most bakeries will require a deposit for the return of the base.  If you purchase one for yourself you can add a cake from the store, go to your bakery and have them mount the cake or have them contact us so they too can animate cakes.

This is not meant to replace the traditional cake, but it will give you something else to offer that special someone.

We can also design and deliver an animated cake of your choice to feed 50 people for $80.00 within 25 miles of San Gabriel, California.  We will require the animation base be returned.